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Two Birds One Stone

Clean Beauty Box

Clean Beauty Box

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Skin Type

Our clean beauty box is the perfect introduction to our product range. Each box contains

    • Packet of Clay Masque blend
    • Full-size Floral Water
    • Full-size Almond Oil
    • Mixing bowl and spatula

It's a pampering beauty ritual in a box. Choose your box based on your skin type:

Normal Skin: 

Restore Clay Masque Blend with Beetroot, Rose Petals and exfoliating Rosehip Grains & Manuka Floral Water

Oily / Acne Prone Skin:

Purify Clay Masque Blend with Activated Charcoal & Cacao & Eucalyptus Floral Water

Mature Skin:

Nurture Clay Masque Blend with Green Tea & Spirulina & Witch-Hazel Floral Water

Dry / Sensitive Skin:

Soothe Clay Masque Blend with coconut & chamomile & Lemon Verbena Floral Water


1x packet of clay blend, 1x floral water, 1x pure almond oil, clay bowl & mixing spatula

Product Info

Bowl designs may vary. Clay Masque Blend comes in a packet, not a jar.

How To Use

Mix 1-2 tsp of clay masque blend with a splash of the floral water in the mixing bowl, using the spatula. Apply the wet masque to your face and remove before it dries completely. Then apply Almond Oil.

Shipping & Returns

We charge a flat rate delivery fee of $7. Returns are only accepted for unopened products, items damaged during transit, or incorrect items delivered. Please check our returns policy for more details.

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How to mix Clay Masques

Choose the mixing medium that will most benefit your skin type. You can mix your clay blend with water or choose one of our floral waters, which have the benefits of adding essential oils to your clay masque. For a really hydrating masque, add in a few drops of your favourite facial oil.

Why we use dry clay blends

Dry clay blends eliminate the need for preservatives, it also gives a longer shelf life, & gives you double the product without the fillers. All our masques are finely milled for a smoother paste.