Do you struggle reading the ingredients list?

Do you struggle to understand the label on the bottle? Here we keep things simple so you can understand the names of ingredients and what their benefits are exactly.

Luxurious Oils

Apricot Kernel Oil- Highly moisturizing & rich in antioxidants

Jojoba Oil- Mild on the skin, vitamin E & B complex, aids in skin repair

Rosehip Oil- Powerful antioxidants, vitamins C, E, A, increases cell turnover rate

Camellia Oil- Softening & sealing in moisture, omegas 6 & 9

Almond Oil- Rich in vitamin E, rejuvenates skin cells

Hemp Oil- Rich in fatty acids, hydrates and soothes the skin

Chamomile Infusion-Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, essential oils & antioxidants

Essential Oils- Chamomile, Rose, Geranium, Chempaka

Mineral Rich Clays



I absolutely love this product. I love the fact that I know everything is pure natural. The Midnight Oil feels amazing and is great on and for my skin. My skin does not feel sticky or oily like some other products. I truly love the feel of my skin after using it. A very highly recommended product for all.  Serena




I Love the midnight oil. After using it my skin felt sooo smooth and hydrated. Exactly what I need at my age. Beverley

I tried the Ivory sensitive masque, it blended very well and was nice to apply. I really felt like I was really treating my skin. I liked using the brush to apply. It was super easy to take off, just wet it and wiped with a warm cloth. My skin feels soft and smooth. Shelley B

Love how you make your own mask! No wasting products as the powder has a long shelf-life! My skin felt amazing after the first mask. Ashleigh

Loving the midnight oil on my face. Highly recommend. Great price as well. Leann

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