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Meet the creator & formulator of Two Birds One Stone Skincare. Bronnie Thompson has a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science. Bronnie is always looking for ways to finetune, and she is currently studying Masque Therapy Techniques to be able to bring you more unique types of Masques with exquisite functional ingredients. 

Bronnie founded the brand Two Birds-One Stone after a lifetime of sensitive skin issues. Having struggled with severe eczema since birth, and having been frequently wrapped in cotton bandages throughout her early childhood learning how to take care of her own skin became a lifetime mission. After much trial and error in her teenage years and beyond, Bronnie discovered that the brands supplied at the supermarkets and department stores really weren't going to cut it, and there must be something better we can use.

Searching to love her own skin, she started on a journey to discover just how far removed the commercial industry has become from the natural ingredients that are being touted as the stars in mainstream cosmetic products and how little of those star ingredients are actually in the bottle. There was also a revelation as to how many ingredients are added to preserve the products to keep them safe on the shelf for up to 2 years. 

Two Birds One Stone Skincare combines the alchemy of science with the bounty of delightful botanical ingredients available to us in our little lands of plenty-NZ. Our artisan skincare is infused with the positive intentions of crystals, and our hydrosols are steam distilled in our copper alembic still on-site, foraged from ingredients found in the red-zones. Red-zones are the forgotten gardens, remnants of the earthquakes in Canterbury. 

Our Philosophy

  • Luxurious & Beneficial

    We strive to use the most luxurious functional ingredients which are beneficial for your skin so you can have the confidence of calmer, healthier, more radiant skin.

  • Perfect Blends

    We are always creating and perfecting our blends for aromatic healing and nurturing of the skin. We are more than happy to craft a bespoke skin prescription product created just for you alone. 

  • 100% Pure, Plant-based

    We do not use any animal-based ingredients in our skincare. We research our ingredients carefully. We are cruelty-free.  We are vegan.

  • Natural- Clean & Simple

    We strive to source the best natural organic ingredients that we can. We also keep our formulas simple, clear, and easy to see the exact ingredients used in every product.

  • Sustainable Skincare

    We wild-harvest ingredients so you can have the freshest product possible. We source as locally as we can for all of our ingredients. We create small-batch artisan skincare.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    We avoid the use of unsustainable plastic wherever possible. We prefer to use glass bottles & jars and our dropper lids can also be reused or recycled. We also offer refillable options.

How do I get me some?

You can find us at markets, fetes, and expos around Canterbury. Check our calendar for events. We also offer free shipping NZ wide to make life easier for you. 

Have you got an issue?

If you have any problems with our products, we promise to remedy it either by replacement, refund, or tailoring a product to suit your individual needs.

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